Agimat-FX Binary Options Trading System 2017

Agimat-FX Binary Options Trading System 2017

Live example trades Binary Options = Net Profit $875 in 1 hour trading time on August 24

Binary Options and Forex trading with *90% success rate using neural network. You are looking for a Agimat Trading System review? Read the left side.

* results not typical, you need to follow the rules to get the same success rate

The old Version of the Agimat Binary Options System is history my friends. 2017 will be an amazing year for all fans of Agimat! Why? Agimat FX 2017 Pro non-repaint, a 100% improved version of the previous system has been released. What should be the most important feature in a trading system (doesn’t matter if Binary Options of Forex)? I guess we can all agree that is the peak formation. If you have a system which shows you the peak at the right moment, you can enter without fear and take the swing in the opposite direction. Agimat FX 2017 Pro can be used in lower time frame for Binary Options and in higher time frame for Forex. All future updates/upgrades are included.

  • Intraday and Interday Forex
  • Market Scalping Forex
  • Binary Options

NEW UPGRADE released on November 07 – Powerful Binary Options & Forex Module

If you want to trade Binary Options & Forex profitable and accurate, there is one way only my friend! You need to know the moves of the Market Makers/Dealer before they start to move! My Mentor used to say, “when you move I move”! Steve, I love you man!

Agimat FX 2017 Pro and all future updates are connected to my very own neural network. Since April 2016 the neural network gathers data from the financial markets and build intelligible configuration to trade with. The neural network works 100% artificially and independently.

agimat FX neural network trading
A.N.N. – Artificial Neural Network GUI Integration

After studying the Market Makers Method and being a student of Steve Mauro, my personal idea is to make the trading experience as simple as possible for my family as well. There shouldn’t be fear when you execute orders. Agimat FX will show you very clear Market Maker Pattern at the right time to trade without fear Binary Options in lower time frame or Forex in higher time frame. Agimat Trading System reviews confirm accuracy.

Get my personal Forex Trade Signals with the purchase of Agimat for free (€200/month value)

With the purchase of Agimat FX Pro you will be added to a private messenger group where I post my daily Forex Trade Signals. These trades I execute in my very own accounts and you can be sure my personal orders are highly profitable (see screenshot above). Take my signals and make money while learning on how to trade with Agimat FX Pro. Keep in mind that my personal trades are the result of years hard studying and a lot of sweat. Most importantly, I never gave up until I succeeded. Add/follow me in Facebook and you can see that I am a legit person and not a “bling king”.

How to trade in line with Market Makers / Dealer

I don’t know you in person but I surely know your very problem. That feeling when you execute an order and moments later the price swings opposite. Am I right about your Problem? Well, let me tell you something, 95% of all retail trader have the same issue. In the long run your account will be wiped out by the Forex dealer. Currency trading is a dirty business and it is ONLY about Peak Formations, trapping retail trader, stop-hunt and aggressive swings! Market Makers are getting paid very well to clear out your account.

Agimat FX, a master piece and very unique product completed with tests in July 2016. The built-in artificial intelligence will adjust the system each time market conditions change to give you highly accurate point of entry before the dealer swings away. As soon a Market Makers pattern has been drawn on your chart, i.e. W Pattern, M Pattern, Head and Shoulders Pattern, Half a Batman, 22 setup etc. you will have a signal alert pop-up and on your chart & and an arrow in what direction you have to trade.

Behind every signal given by Agimat FX Binary Options and Forex a lot of work needs to be done in real time by built-in artificial intelligence calculation and reconsidering of market conditions. How many and what kind of moves the dealer has done after the last peak formation? Has he consolidated the price? The trapped amount of USD (millions) the dealer need to swings away from? Stop-Hunt performance? Just to mention a few. Very often the dealer will change his behavior or goal within minutes, the built-in artificial intelligence of Agimat FX reacts immediately to adjust the prediction for your log or short or call and put position.

Agimat FX Binary Options & Forex MT4 Neural Network Update

Agimat neural network mt4 forexAll future updates are included with the one time fee. On August 18th – 2016 Agimat FX got connected to my neural network which I started to develop April 2016. Since then the neural network is growing independently without any interference from myself. A neural network for Forex is widely known that the largest trading firms and hedge funds use sophisticated artificial intelligence and neural network systems to profit from the financial markets with staggering accuracy. Agimat FX Pro is the only real MT4 indicator for Binary Options & Forex that get feed by a neural network. This will be the future of accuracy.

*One Time License Fee 135

  • 2 MT4 account installations demo/live
  • Agimat FX Pro Updates
  • Support via email and Facebook
  • Access to private Telegram Group
  • My personal FX trades posted in TG
  • Video on how to trade
  • Video on how to install

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After purchase you get a confirmation email which contains a link to register your license. You need to perform this step.

Please keep in mind that I won’t spread Agimat-FX Pro all over the world, no Clickbank, no Affiliate, no Facebook page, no ridiculous sales page and sure thing a very safe code lock and license system. Agimat Trading System reviews you can find on this side.