Agimat FX® 2018 – Version 2

Agimat FX® 2018 V2 is the successor of the champion Agimat FX® 2018, created back in 2017.

The 2nd version of the Agimat FX® 2018 System includes the brand new Maxwell Equations Indicator. MEQ produces a future prediction graph on your chart for developing market price movements. That gives you the edge in strengthening and confirming your no-repaint buy and sell signals. Also, we have 100% recoded and optimized the no-repaint signal mechanism.

The first version of Agimat FX® 2018 dominates the industry for 3 years. But Agimat FX® 2018 V2 will supersede the success and give you even better and sharper accuracy.

 . . . available in August 2020

Waiting List Agimat FX® 2018 V2
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