Agimat FX2018 Pro Forex EA (Expert Advisor)

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The Agimat EA is not part of the manual Agimat trading system and needs to be purchased separately.

Since I have launched the very first Agimat FX® Trading System in 2015, people keep on asking me when I am planning to create an automated strategy (expert advisor) based on the Agimat core components.

Well, the Agimat EA development has been finished about mid-April 2017. After some more design modifications and a 2-month demo test, the Agimat FX2018 Pro Forex EA runs on a live account since June 27th with a steady growth:

The Agimat EA settings are bulletproof and protect you from entering false and complicated parameters.

Leave the highly optimized standard settings, and you are ready to go.

A video tutorial will explain each setting in detail.

How does the Agimat FX2018 Pro Forex EA work? What is the logic behind the system?

As mentioned above, the EA uses the same strategy of the Agimat FX2018 Pro+ Trading System (click).  Also, I have implemented a very efficient hedge feature. The Agimat EA hedge protects your trading account against significant losses. You can think of a hedge as getting insurance on your open trades.

The EA is placed on the 1-minute chart with the pairs EURUSD and USDCHF only. These pairs working in a robust correlation and are the perfect base to have the Agimat EA working with an extremely high accuracy performance. Are you scared about big impact news events like NFP etc. ? Calm down; the EA will take care of it automatically. 

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First withdrawal on November 16th – 2017Click image to enlarge.

Why is my withdrawal in EUR and not USD? My HotForex eWallet is in EUR, but of course, I run USD and EUR trading accounts. 

— Recent withdrawals personal Forex accounts–

Forex withdrawals are REAL! Why? Because I have patience, discipline, and money management.

Agimat Indicator

My neural network and kicks-in controlling the Agimat FX2018 Pro Forex EA hedge system (if necessary) to reduce the number of losses you would suffer if something unexpected happens. Without a security feature as I have just described, an expert advisor cannot succeed in the long run and will blow your account. It is a fact!

The EA won’t execute buys and sells at the same time. You have to keep in mind that hedging will be activated only if a dangerous situation is identified during a running order. Instead of letting your trade running into SL, the connected neural network finds a workaround to have your losses minimized or solving the situation by producing a win. No new trades will be opened until hedges are done and the EA has solved the situation. That is the reason why some traders are open for a few days.

The Agimat EA will grow your account slow and steady. This is the only way it will work.

Agimat EA adapts automatically to new market conditions and does not use a mechanical code.

The engine behind the Expert Advisor is the Neural Network, which decides artificially and independently whenever to execute a trade meaning the EA does not use a mechanical code. The EA will identify if the trade should be performed immediately or better wait for the coming pullback and then go through with the trade. This is the reason why the Agimat EA produces a minimal drawdown only.

The Agimat FX2018 Pro Forex expert advisor takes my powerful Maxwell’s Equation Future Prediction Indicator into account to confirm trading decisions. If you are using the current Agimat Trading System to place your orders manually, you know how accurate Maxwell’s Equation Future Prediction Indicator works. Now imagine this robust tool-set combined with the hedging feature mentioned above for an automated trading system. This is the Agimat FX2018 Pro Forex EA.

FAQ – Agimat EA


You should start with an investment of at least $500 or equal.

The neural network has a live data feed of all important Forex news. These data are synchronized with the EA meaning Agimat knows and can determine what to do and if to trade or not.

The EA is running since June 28th on a $5k live account with a drawdown of 0.9%. Before going live a 2 month demo test got a drawdown of 2%.

How the heck is such a small percentage of drawdown possible? Very simple! The Agimat EA uses my neural network to make decisions. For example the EA will wait for pullbacks before entering trades. The EA can identify such conditions and will adapt automatically to prevent heavy drawdown.

Yes you can. In order to do that contact me, because you need a different type of license.  

We all know cases when brokers trying to hit your SL by widen the spread like a big gate in order to get your money. This kind of manipulation is illegal BUT Forex is a “over the counter” business and hard to control by authorities. 

That is why the artificial intelligence of the neural network will hide the SL to prevent such manipulation and even trying to confuse your broker by using flexible SL and TP targets. Meaning SL and TP will move permanently. 

Since your MT4 license is locked to your MT4 account ID the Agimat EA will work only on the MT4 account you have submitted during license registration. If you want to move your license to a different MT4 account ID please let me know. I will do this for you. Your previous account ID will be compromised then.


The neural network will take care of the money management. Why is that? Because the Agimat EA ist not a static and mechanical expert advisor like 99% out there.

The Agimat EA is focusing very heavy on 2 important factors. How to keep the drawdown low and how to archive a monthly gain between 5-15% very safely.

Humans are greedy, this is the reason why the artificial intelligence will do the money management for you.

You need a broker that allows hedging. I personally have the Agimat EA running on a Hotforex Premium account (click).

I hardly suggest you use the same broker as I do, meaning you get the same conditions. (spread and entry price)

If you ask me about leverage, I run the EA with 1:500.

Yes you can, but keep the downtime as short as possible when rebooting your MT4 during “market open hours”.

During the weekend when the market is closed you can restart your MT4 anytime.


Never ever! When starting to close trades manual, you will confuse the EA and the neural network will start to compensate to keep your losses small or winnings big. 

If you want to prevent the EA from opening new trades, then you need to turn off the MT4 autotrade function. If there are still open trades on your account, the EA will take care of them until all are finished.

But since you have turned off the autotrade function, no new orders will be executed.


An expert advisor, commonly referred to as an EA, is a tool that automatically places trades for you. The difference between a common EA and the Agimat EA is the neural network synchronization.

The Agimat EA does not work with mechanical rules. The EA uses a live data-feed from the neural network which decides artificially and independently whenever to execute a trade or not. The EA will identify dangerous and/or not suitable situations. For example if a pullback can be expected, the EA will wait to minimize drawdown.

The EA is placed on 1 minute charts with the pairs EURUSD and USDCHF only. These pairs work in a very strong correlation and are the perfect base to have the Agimat EA working with a extremely high accurate performance.

Of course! The EA uses TP and SL. Since the EA is working adaptively and not mechanically you cannot adjust the SL and TP measures.

Why cannot I adjust my TP and SL as I want? Because you are not sitting 24h on your computer and monitoring market conditions. The neural network can do the job better than you. 

It depends totally on your seed money / seed capital. The EA will keep your drawdown as low as possible and manage your trades correctly. 

Let’s say you start with $5k, then all trades will be executed with 0.02 lot meaning you could have 5-6 trades open at the same time with a possible drawdown of 1-2%. If you prefer to trade higher lots, then I have to tell the neural network your MetaTrader4 ID wants to trade with another lot size calculation.  Everything will be as usual with the only difference you invest more in each trade.

If someone tells you a Forex EA can make a monthly gain of 300%+ then you can be sure this person is a moron. Such numbers do not exist and EA’s like this WILL blow your account. Period!

With the Agimat EA you can expect a monthly gain between 5-15%, depending on market conditions. Also, you can be sure the mentioned gain of 5-15% will be done very safely with small a drawdown of around 2%.

It does not matter if your account has a balance of $100 or $100.000, the monthly gain will be always the same, meaning 5-15%.

Yes there is a way to archive around 25% but then your drawdown will be 5-8%.

No, the EA wont execute buys and sells at the same time. You have to keep in mind that hedging will be activated only if a dangerous situation is identified during a running order. Instead of letting your trade running into SL, the connected neural network finds a workaround to have your losses minimized or solving the situation by producing a win. No new trades will be opened until hedges are done and has been solved by the EA.

This is the reason why some trades are open for few days.

Counter-question! Do you put gasoline and diesel in the same car? The Agimat EA is a very complex system and need the MetaTrader4 station for himself.  When you run the EA, do not trade manual with the same MT4 or install another EA’s. 

Only exceptions are the myfxbook EA and systems to monitor trades.

The Agimat EA will recognize when adding more money to your trading account. Everything will be adjusted accordingly.




No, you cannot. If you do so, I do not guarantee for any results. 

No. The Agimat EA needs the neural network synch in order to function. Keep in mind the EA is just a client software on your site and requires my neural network for input.

The neural network takes care of this by using non-static SL. The SL is not fixed at all when hedging but will become static to have the trade cut out if necessary. This is a very complicated process since the neural network works artificially & independently without my influence. The neural network reads LIVE market conditions since April 2016 and expands his “artificial trading brain” each day. With these “memories” the EA does his own decisions without a mechanical MQL code.  The system is 100% adaptive.

Yes you should. It makes so much sense to have the EA running on a VPS.

You get a high performance infrastructure with stable internet connection.

I can give you a 7 days free trial on a VPS (here)

Follow this tutorial video on how to setup the VPS.


It can be from just a few minutes up too few days. 

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How to setup the Agimat EA – Expert Advisor

I don’t have any plans to buy a domain and create sales pages etc. for the Agimat FX2018 Pro Forex EA. It definitely won’t happen! The Agimat FX2018 Pro Forex EA will be available for current customers only.

Two more things. The Agimat EA is not included when or if you purchase the manual Agimat Trading System. This is gossip and not true! The Agimat FX2018 Pro Forex EA is a separate product. 

You can inquire Agimat EA only on this website or by contacting me in person. If someone else (morons, copy-cats, etc.) offers you the Agimat EA, then you can be sure its a scam. The EA has hardcore license management, and it is literary impossible that someone can issue a license for you. Keep this in mind.

*One Time License Fee €287

  • Two MT4 account license demo/live
  • Agimat EA updates
  • Support via email and Facebook
  • Tutorial video on how to set up the EA

For Neteller Payments, please check here.

Which broker?

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