Best Forex Broker For You

It can be a burdensome task. Now you have got your Forex trading tool, but your broker is a shabby one. This combination does not work in the long run. You need a Forex broker that you can trust. And with the trust I mean not just today but next year, too. There are only a hand-full of Forex brokers you can go with and not being worried about your funds. But this we need to split, and it depends on your citizenship.

Best Forex Broker US citizen

The most decent low spread ECN broker if you are from the U.S.A., Canada or the rest of the world. No restrictions.


The Risk Management Tool AvaProtect™ allows you to get money back on losing positions.

If you are residing in Europe and the rest of the world, then AVATRADE is the very best option for you.


Best Forex Broker Agimat

If you are residing outside of the U.S.A. or Canada, then IC Markets is the very best option for you.

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