If you want to prevent the EA from opening new trades, then you need to turn off the MT4 autotrade function. If there are still open trades on your account, the EA will take care of them until all are finished.

    But since you have turned off the autotrade function, no new orders will be executed.


      Never ever! When starting to close trades manual, you will confuse the EA and the neural network will start to compensate to keep your losses small or winnings big. 

        Yes you can, but keep the downtime as short as possible when rebooting your MT4 during “market open hours”.

        During the weekend when the market is closed you can restart your MT4 anytime.


          Counter-question! Do you put gasoline and diesel in the same car? The Agimat EA is a very complex system and need the MetaTrader4 station for himself.  When you run the EA, do not trade manual with the same MT4 or install another EA’s. 

          Only exceptions are the myfxbook EA and systems to monitor trades.

            Yes you should. It makes so much sense to have the EA running on a VPS.

            You get a high performance infrastructure with stable internet connection.

            I recommend (click)

            You need to choose 2 slices and a Windows OS. It will cost you $20/month.



              The neural network will take care of the money management. Why is that? Because the Agimat EA ist not a static and mechanical expert advisor like 99% out there.

              The Agimat EA is focusing very heavy on 2 important factors. How to keep the drawdown low and how to archive a monthly gain between 5-15% very safely.

              Humans are greedy, this is the reason why the artificial intelligence will do the money management for you.

                Since your MT4 license is locked to your MT4 account ID the Agimat EA will work only on the MT4 account you have submitted during license registration. If you want to move your license to a different MT4 account ID please let me know. I will do this for you. Your previous account ID will be compromised then.


                  We all know cases when brokers trying to hit your SL by widen the spread like a big gate in order to get your money. This kind of manipulation is illegal BUT Forex is a “over the counter” business and hard to control by authorities. 

                  That is why the artificial intelligence of the neural network will hide the SL to prevent such manipulation and even trying to confuse your broker by using flexible SL and TP targets. Meaning SL and TP will move permanently. 

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