What are the basic Rules of Agimat FX® Ultra

The key to this trading system is to follow exactly as per what has been advised in the tutorila video. Keep it as simple as that. Just stick to the procedure, there is money to be made. If one is going to be impatient and has itchy hands and feels they have lost...

How can I create links using the link generator?

Using the link generator, you can generate links to an order page, a website, or a catalog page. You can find this function under products> link generator or go to products> find, filter there for “existing cooperation” and click on “generate...

What information do I get about my sales?

You have access to sales reports in the Affiliate Control Panel. There you can see your sales and commissions by date. MyCommerce Share-it, however, does not disclose the data of the end user because you are not the legal owner of this data.
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